Happy New Year

So much for that come back to blogging. Life always gets crazy as soon as you make a commitment to something. I will keep my house clean. We start a new project. I will lose weight . There’s an event at church or a party with delicious goodies. I will exercise. I fall on the ice and hurt my back. I will write more. I start another new job.  Okay, now I am just making excuses.

This morning on the way to work I heard the song The Climb by Miley Cyrus on the radio. Why does that song always make me cry? Not a good thing while you’re driving on the freeway doing 75 mph.

So it is a new year. Time for renewed vigor and energy and zest for our goals. I made A huge list of all the all the things I want to accomplish this year. Huge. I will accomplish at least one of them.

AmI the only one that finally cam to the realization that life is about change and I should just get used to it and accept it. Every year I think it will stop but every year we have big changes in our life. So this year I am all about the change. Change is good will be my mantra.

No more excuses. I will enjoy the climb and changing scenery of life.



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