It Is Time

I have been thinking about this little place called The Daily Castle lately. I miss coming here and writing down my thoughts or as a friend called them my “secrets.” I guess if you don’t talk to me every day they are secrets. I am not one to tell everyone my deepest thoughts. I try to be a person that talks more about the other person than myself. I don’t always succeed but I try. Other people are so much more interesting.

So why am I here? Why keep this little space in the blog world that people click on every once in awhile to use the links I have left on the side?

I used to write because I wanted to remember all the cute things the kids said. Now that they are bigger they don’t say cute things anymore. They are still funny but I am not sure they want me sharing those events that make me laugh till I cry. I used to think I wrote just for me. But then I started getting feedback from real life people that I see all the time. It  made me uncomfortable. It changed my writing voice. I could not stop thinking about who was reading this. It should not have mattered but to me it did. I used to write to prove to myself I could still think. This was several years ago after I had all three kids and I was not working outside of our home. I am not saying it does not take a lot of thought to run a household and train three little kids, in fact it takes more than that some days. But my brain was not being stretched. Writing was just the push I needed to make my brain think just a little bit more.

So maybe I am back. My life situation has changed again. I am only working a couple of days a week. My kids are all at school and I once again find my brain needing some extra stretching. It is getting lazy. It is time to start writing again.


2 responses to “It Is Time

  1. Welcome back! I always enjoyed reading your blog and keeping up with you and your family! Thanks for coming back!

  2. I’m happy you’re writing again. I don’t blog nearly as much as I used to either. Hope you guys are doing well!

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