Back Page

Well, if there’s a front page, there has to be a back page. What should go on the back page? An appendix maybe? Nah! How about a bibliography? I think we’ll just put a description of what this blog is about. It’s part history, part biography, a little philosophy, and very theraputic. So now it’s time for me to recline in the chair. Let the session begin.


3 responses to “Back Page

  1. Hal says my blog is therapy for me. He is happy that you all get it and that way he doesn’t have to pay a therapist. 🙂

  2. Just came across you today. What a delightful experience and an encouragement to focus on the ways in which we are blessed. Love ya!

  3. hi julie, just want to tell you your work is good. have enjoyed all that i have read. trying to get larry;s back on. keep the good stuff up.

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