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That Was Larry

For those of you faithful readers who come to my blog everyday to use my links…thank you. If you are true Daily Castle reader then you may have noticed a different tone in the writing in the last two posts. That’s because my husband hi-jacked my blog. He is so proud of my cheapness that he must show it on the blog world.

And thank you to the three of you that entered the “Guess how much Julie Paid for this” Contest. You all must think I am Wonder woman to get all that for $4.99. I thought $21 was pretty good. Here’s the break down. Or how we like to say it in our house, Break it down.

Jackets – $3.74 each. My girls have been wanting these for months!

Pringles – $0.40 a can.

Skippy Peanut Butter – $0.66 a jar

Smuckers Jelly – $0.77

Two Cans of shaving cream – Free with coupon

At Meijer I used Meijer Mealbox coupons.

Two boxes of elbow macaroni – free

Four other boxes of pasta – I thought these would be free also, but they were not on sale – $0.75 each

Gold Bond powder – free with coupon

Cheezy crunch treats – Free with coupon

Two Bottles of Herbal Essence Shampoo – $2.00

And The Winner Is…

Nicole! Thanks for playing. Johny, tell her what she’s won!

Nicole, we’ve spared every expense (really, it was free) to present to you a brand new 4 oz  tube of Colgate Total Advanced Clean Toothpaste…”Whitens teeth with a breakthrough cleaning ingrediant that gently removes surface stains.”
We’ll contact you to get your prize to you. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who played. We’ll try it again in a week or so. Stay tuned.

Happy 36 Years

Yesterday was Larry’s birthday and something was missing.

I have not been writing here. I had blog burn out. It was nice to take a little break, but I think I am ready to come back and write all my “secrets.” Several times this last month and a half I have thought to myself “I should write about that on the blog.” But I just couldn’t do it.

But I missed writing Larry his birthday tribute. I missed gushing on about what a great husband and father he is and how much I like him. I missed telling you what a great friend he is and how everyday he amazes me more. I would have told you what a hard worker he is and what geeky thing he has done lately. I could have listed 36 things I love about him or told you what we did for his birthday.

But I did none of those things because I was taking a blog break. But today I have something to say…Happy Birthday to my best friend.

I like to write in lists

I have a new friend in my life. Someone who is always there for me. Asking me to send gifts and reachout to others. It’s Facebook. I finally sucumbed to the pressure of joining yet another online group. I had to…everyone I know is on Facebook. So I got myself a few friends and caught up with a few old friends too. It’s fun. And addictive.

Some updates that happened over the last month while I have been neglecting the blog because of my new relationship.

1. If you find a few ants in your house, RUN, do not walk to the nearest ACO and buy ant spray. Kill those suckers because they are scouts checking the place out for move in availability. The scouts thought my house was the perfect spot. Hmm, let’s see, three kids who drop lots of crumbs, no pet to endanger us, a working mom with no time to sweep and mop everyday. Perfect!! A few days after we saw the first ants we came home from the Sciene Fair to a perfect black line cross our dining room floor. The black line was hundreds of ants. If I thought six or ten was bad was I in for a treat! Just picture Claire and I screaming and yelling Dad! at the same time. Too bad he wasn’t home and I had to kill them myself. Ick. For about a week we dealt with those pests. They were coming in under the fireplace and setting up shop under our floating laminate floor. Ants like to eat cough drops that children set on the fireplace after they have sucked on it for awhile. Just so you know.

2. Claire and Emma did a great job in the Science Fair. Emma received an honorable mention award and Claire placed in the top three of her class. Third graders are not required to participate in the Science Fair. So there were only three third graders that participated. So what? She went on to the District Fair which was very exciting. She did not receive an award, but she is motivated for next year. Great. Did I tell you how much I love Science Fairs?

3. Spring Break was last week. We went on vacation to Greats Lakes Crossing for a day. We ate at The Rain Forrest Cafe and saw Horton Hears A Who. Next year we are just going to pack up the camping suppies and start driving south until is about 70 degrees and park it for the week. Snow during Spring Break just isn’t right.

4. The Chicken Pox vaccine is stupid. Okay, maybe that is a little harsh. The chicken pox vaccine and I are not friends. All three of my girls got the vaccine when they were two. All three of them came down with a slight case of the chicken pox about three years ago. They had about 10-30 spots. Emma broke out with another case of them last week. She wasn’t really sick so I guess that is a good thing, but she had to still miss a couple of days of school. I’m not sure what is worse, getting a full blown case of the pox and being done with it or wondering if they will just keep on getting a slight case every few years.

5. We finally did our taxes. I like to think it had something to do with me nagging my husband every-single-day since January 31st to do the taxes already, but maybe not. I live with a patient man. We owe $18. Yeah.

Don’t get used to me posting here now. I am in a new relationship and it is in the exciting first stage. When I get tired of him I may be back.

The Party Pics








Where is my wooden stake?

After the kids went to bed last night, Larry and I turned on the TV to see what we could watch. Out of all the channels and shows he could pick Larry settled on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

I am so lucky to be married to a man that appreciates fine art like that.

Incredibily neither of us have ever seen this classic movie. It was made in 1992 which is during a period of time we affectionately like to call “The Lost Years.” 1990-1994 was spent at Bob Jones University where no pop culture was allowed. Televisions were not allowed on campus. We have no idea what went on in the world during those years. I vaguely remember there was a war. And maybe some wall was torn down.

About half way through the movie Larry konked out on the couch. While I could have turned the channel I just could not pull myself away. I had to find out if Buffy would slay all those vampires.

The best part of the movie is the early 90’s/late 80’s fashions and hairstyles. The movie should be renamed “Buffy, the high-waisted jeans, spandex, large belt, black bootie with white socks wearing Vampire Slayer.”

Merry Christmas!


Snowflake Creation

A new addiction for this Christmas season. You can create your own snowflake here.

And the best part…no little pieces of paper to clean up.

Have fun!

The Horror, The Horror

Yesterday was D day. Dentist Day. And it really could not have gone much worse. 

Did I ever tell you I hate the dentist?

The visit started off pleasant enough. The doctor was a few minutes late so I sat a relaxed in the waiting room. When I was almost asleep the hygienist called me back. She offers to put on the massage chair. I decline because at my last visit the buzzing drove me crazy. She then offered me head phones to listen to XM radio. I could pick from 40 or so stations. I finally settled on CinemaMagic. It was Soundtracks from movies. Sounds like fun.

I should have known things were not going to go well when the soundtrack went from “When Harry met Sally” to “Apocalypse Now.”

The dentist comes in and tells me we are going to fill three cavities. He then rubs the numbing gel on my gums. I think to myself that it is not very close to where I think he going to give me a shot. It has been along time since my last visit but I am pretty sure he is going to shoot the inside of my gums not the outside where he has stuck the cotton swab.

I was right. He tries to give me the shot but the pain about knocks me off my chair. I may or may not have let out a scream at this point. He tells me to wiggle my toes. I want to tell him it’s not my toes that hurt. He insists that it shouldn’t hurt that bad. It should just be a poke. He shakes his head at me and looks at me as if I am crazy. I have probably terrified every other patient in the place because by this point I am crying.

After I settle down he tries again with some other drug. He tells me to breathe through my nose. Remember I have been crying, Crying equals stuffy nose. He finally gets the shot off and leaves to room to laugh let the shot kick in. It doesn’t kick in enough so I get a second shot.

At this point I almost get up and leave I am so upset. I am a mess. I don’t like it that he practically yelled at me and said I was being a baby. But I decide I can stick it out. I should have gone with my first instinct.

He comes back and starts the drilling. He gets about 2 minutes into it and I start gagging on snot. He stops and is clearly frustrated with me. This is when he recommends that I may need to see a dentist that will put me under. I want to recommend a few things to him. I keep my thoughts to myself. This man is going to a drill in my mouth. I don’t want to tick him off. He suggest just capping off what he has started. My mouth is completely numb by now so there is no way I am leaving until he has filled all three cavities.

I go to a happy place which was hard when the soundtrack from “Apocalypse Now” is playing in my headphones. After what seems like an eternity I think he has finished. Wrong. That was just the first one. An hour and a half later I have three shiny white fillings and a splitting headache.

3 down. 7 to go.

My Husband Loves This Commercial!