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1. Beautiful Fall colors

2. That the tree in my front yard turns bright red

3. Coffee

4. Sunrises

5. Co-workers that make me laugh every day

6. Pot-Belly’s chicken salad salad

7. Friends that care

8. Kids that are silly

9. A Husband that loves me for me

10. Parents


Pastor quoted me in his sermon last Sunday. It’s always nice to be able to add to the sermon. It’s not nice when you’re sitting in the front row and he says the exact same thing you were crying to your husband about that week. Nothing like wanting to crawl up in a ball under your chair and start bawling. 

Larry and I purchased a franchise about 3 years ago. We felt that the Lord was leading us to start a Coffee News franchise for several reasons. The main one being it would give us more time for ministry.

We jumped in with both feet and fell flat on our faces. Right after we started the Coffee News business the economy took a turn for the worse. People were not taking ads in the paper because they were afraid. Gas prices soared and driving around town was a big part of the business. 

We began living on credit. Lots of credit. After awhile I did not even think about slapping down the plastic to pay for something. We needed stuff so I just charged it. After 4 months of living on credit we were in trouble. 

We had some ads sold and we were both working hard to make the business work. But we were up to our eyeball in debt. Finally we got some loans and were able to make a dent. My parents helped us out a lot when they moved back from Florida.

This was a very difficult time for us and I am not very good at sharing with others how very hard it was. Call it what it was: Pride. I did not want not fail. After a long summer of me kicking against God for “doing” this to us I gave it over to Him and started learning what it meant to depend on God. I am still working on that lesson.

People were buying ads and it seemed like we were going to make it. We put the girls in school. I got a job, started couponing and finally we could cover all our bills. It was still hard, but after a couple of years of hard work things were going well. 

So this past Labor Day when Larry asked me what I thought about procuring all of Coffee News Downriver I immediately said NO. All I could think of was all the pain it had been to get the Dearborn one up and running. Ugh! was all I could think. I did not want to go through all that again. 

And yet here we are. We did decide to go ahead with the Downriver franchises. We are now the owners of 7 Franchises. Larry likes to say he is a Coffee News mogul.  

The week after we made the trade to get the franchises the stock market crashed. We have not sold an ad for 3 weeks. We figured we needed to sell about 25 ads to have things running smoothly. Larry has worked non-stop every day and he sold 9. 

Last week the stress came to a head when we figured how short we would be for the month. We had prayed about this. We had sought counsel. It seemed like it was the right thing to do. Why was God allowing this to happen again? 

And this is where the sermon from last Sunday comes in. I think I said something like, “We are doing all this for God. Why is He allowing us to suffer?” to Larry just two days before the sermon. And my husband gently corrected me that day. But I guess I needed reinforcement. How wrong I was to think that way! Who am I to think that I am in control? It has taken all week for me to come to terms with this pride and sin of mine. God can do what He pleases and He will take of me. It may not be in the way I would choose, but He is always good. 

Yesterday Larry sold an ad.  And he has another one lined up for today. 

God is good all the time.


I did not want to get out of bed this morning. It is a chilly 20 degrees here in the balmy North. I was having a good dream and I didn’t want it to end. Every time the alarm would ring I would smack the snooze button and roll over and try to continue my dream. I don’t even remember what it was about now.

I drove to work in a fog. The sky was clear. The fog was in my head. Most mornings I get to see the sunrise as I drive. Today I did not even notice the beautiful sky until I got to work and one of my coworkers pointed it out. The fog of worry was too thick to see through.

I have a hard time writing here when real life gets me down. I am dealing a couple of issues IRL (in real life) right now that are just too personal to share with the world wide web. Nobody expects me to share those things but it makes it hard to write when my mind is so full.

So I am working to clear my mind of the fog. I am praying that things will be taken care of soon. I am trusting that God will answer my prayers.

Cavity Queen

Thanks to everyone that played “Guess How Many Cavities Julie Has in Her Mouth After Ten Years of Not Seeing a Dentist.” As I told my dentist I have to keep it light or I may break down into tears over my lack of dental responsibility. He was very nice and did not preach at me about waiting so long to see a dentist. Although I did see him shake his head a couple of times and I might have heard a “tsk.” 

Now for the total! I had ten cavities. A couple of them were small and a couple were forming around old fillings that were leaking. But the one between my teeth is threatening a root canal. The dentist said he thinks he can fill it, but he will know more once he goes in for the big kill. Okay, he used some technical terms, but that is what I heard. My mouth will kill.

So the winner is…Susan! She guessed 6 because all of the low numbers were taken. I am really the winner with the guess of 13, but I had the advantage of seeing all the little spots in my mouth if you want to call that an advantage.

And the prize is a $10 gift card to Target! There she can purchase all the dental hygiene products she would like! Congratulations, Susan!

Happy Life

I have not written here in awhile. I just about gave up on the blog, but then I thought of the millions of people out there just waiting to read about my life. I say this with tongue in cheek because as much as we would like to think we know someone on a blog, we mostly write about the happy and fun times. We protect ourselves from criticism and pity during the tough times. And who really wants to hear whining anyway?

I have written many entries in my head in the last week and a half. Mostly when I am alone in the van driving to work. They were great posts. Deep and meaningful. They even brought a tear to my eye. Maybe one day they will be written.

But for now some happy moments from our house.

We were given a piano this last weekend. What could be happier than listening to “Heart and Soul” played 316 times a day. So much joy fills my heart to watch my two daughters play the two parts together. Okay. Joy the first time.

Because I had to move a table to fit the piano in the living room I had to actually clean. The large dust bunny will have to find another home. He also owes me six months rent.

One thing led to another and pretty soon I had everything off the walls and was rearranging furniture. I decided I like nothing in my house. So I packed it all away. Larry the House Husband is happy because empty surfaces are his dream. Easy cleaning.

I also put away the girls lunch boxes and backpacks since school is three weeks away. I have been putting it off for a little while. We have bright new shiny and clean ones for the new year. I have been shopping a little every week snatching up the best deals on crayons and markers and kleenex. Of  course I have no idea what the girls teachers will ask for since the school they go to doesn’t give you a supply list until the first day of school. Try finding a box of crayons on September 6th. I dare you.

Happy times.

Random Thoughts

I am sitting at my desk at work trying not to fall asleep. I had to be here at 6:45 a.m. for a early morning meeting. I have grown weary of working. I would like to go back to being “just a mom” again. That would be great. Larry and I are always talking about ways to make that happen. Sell one of the children? Start another money sucking home business? Design on-line greeting cards for moms that work and never see their children?

He has been offered a job that will pay him well. Things are looking promising. We will wait and see what the Lord has planned for us.

Last night we watched “The Last Mimzy” together as a family. I fell asleep halfway through. After it was over one of the girls asked what was that movie about? It was THAT good. (Insert sarcastic snort here.) It had to be the stupidest movie I have ever half watched. Larry waxed eloquent on the humanistic philoshophy of the movie while the girls looked at him with confused looks. Nothing like a discussion about time travel and the wickedness of man before bed.

Wednesday night we went to a Church Backyard Fellowship. We had a pretty good turn out including some first time guests. It was a fun time until one of the moms there accidently ran over one of the kids with her van. It was a pretty scary situation. Lots of police and paramedics and ambulances and firemen. Thankfully the eight year old boy was fine. The driver was very shook up. She was just going to tell the boy he was too close when it happened. He has a fractured pelvic bone that should heal itself in about six weeks. Amazing considering the tire tread on his back. Every parent that night was giving thanks to God and lecturing their children about not giving high five to their friends in moving vehicles.

We are having a block party in our neighborhood this summer. The last time I was at a block party I was wearing a tube top and riding a Big Wheel. Think 1976. It was the most fun a kid could have.

All three girls have broken out with a serious case of folliculitus. What is that you ask? My mom knew right away what they had. They broke out with these pimpley looking spots all over their stomaches and backs. They look sort of like chicken pox except they don’t itch and there is no fever. She immediately asked if they had been in a hot tub. They all were in one a Sunday night. Two days later they were covered in spots. Hot tub bacteria breakout! WebMD said they will dry up in 7-10 days. The spots may take up to 3-6 months to fade. Please don’t ask Susy to see hers unless you want to see a full moon.

And with that random thought I bid you good day.

Just Thinking

Just a thought…but what would public schools be like today if “Christian” schools had never been started?