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For Scott*

Hockey Time! Larry loves hockey. So yesterday morning when the email came around the office where I work that there were free tickets for the Red Wings game I jumped on them. It was not a regular season game, but it was still a lot of fun.

Larry had to take a call at the Joe. That’s my sissy phone he is talking on, not an iphone.


Here is Larry giving away our life savings for a pretzel.

Mmmm. That is GOOD. All this for $10.50.

The Zamboni has to be the best part of the game for me.


This next picture is for Nicole who likes to take pictures of random people. This guy sat down in front of me and this what I saw for the second period. The stadium was half empty and he had to pick this seat.


We moved.


Our row was empty.


We waited until the crowd left. Larry doesn’t like crowds. We took pictures while we waited.


The people mover. We didn’t ride it.


We had a fun night thanks to my Mom and Dad who babysat the kids and the free tickets.

Oh Yeah, Wings won in a shoot out.

*Our friend Scott is a huge Wings fan. He has moved to Ohio and he misses his Red Wings.

The Cake


Canada, Eh?

Our sink is back together. Larry the plumber fixed it for $20. He was so nice. He didn’t even charge for labor.

He did make me do the dishes.

We went on a date last night to Canada. I call it a date because we were out alone, but it was really a speaking engagement for a Men’s Bake-off at a church in Windsor.  We were also the judges for the Bake-off.

When the girls asked where we were going and Larry told them a baking competition they asked if we were going to  be on TV. I think they have been watching a little too much Food Network.  Disappointed, they asked where it was. They were excited it was in a foreign country and we had to cross the border. One of the girls, when she heard we were gong to Canada, asked if they would be speaking Canadian there. Larry said, with a smirk on his face, yes they will. It will sound a lot like your speaking right now.

But with a few more “Ehs” thrown in.

Block Parties Are Just Not What They Used To Be

We had our first annual “Block” party this past weekend. Wow. How times have changed. I remember the block parties we had when I was a kid. George’s mom was always in charge. She would go around and get the permit signed. She ran the Big Wheel races. I mostly remember how fun it was to ride your bike in the street and not have to worry about getting run over and your Mom yelling at you to get out of the street already. Someone usually set a projector up at one end of the block and showed I have no idea what because there weren’t DVD’s or VHS back in 1977. Probably someone’s trip to the Grand Canyon. At night yellow, orange and green lights were lit up and we had sparklers.

But this past Saturday was something different all together. We had a Moon Walk in our front yard. The Police Deptartment came and gave all the kids badges and coloring books. We had a water balloon fight, but that was nothing compared to when the Fire Department showed up and hosed the kids down. After supper, the Metropark came out with some live animals and gave a presentation about animals in our neighborhood. When it was a little darker out Larry set up the projector and showed “The Incredibles” on our garage door for the kids to watch.

I think the only thing the same was the amount of beer consumed (by the neighbors).

Here are a few pics for your enjoyment.



Yesterday at work while I was blog surfing, I came across this site. Warning: Do not click here if you are hungry. You will lick your computer screen and if your screen looks anything like mine your tongue will grow hair.

I made the Pasta Primavera tonight for dinner. It was delicious. The girls thought it was the best dish ever. Of course, Larry has been cooking lately so it has been a lot of grilled chicken and hamburgers. I’m surprised they even remember what a vegetable looks like. This dish was chock full of vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, carrots, red pepper and yellow squash. Susy asked for hers without “lemon slices.” There were no lemons in the dish. She must not have eaten yellow squash in a long time.

You could eat this dish by itself, but my man likes a little protein with his meal so we ate it with a side of Tilapia. Grilled, of course. All three of the girls love fish so we had to fight for the seconds. Larry and I lost.

You may say to yourself. Wow Julie, your kids are weird. They eat fish and zucchini. And they think it tastes yummy. How do I get my kids to eat like that? Or is it genetic? It all comes down to my laziness. I refuse to make more than one meal. Eat up or wait for the next meal is the deal at our house.

And at the rate I have been cooking lately that might be a long time.

P.S. Susy ate the pasta cold for her bedtime snack and said it was perfect. I know… Weird.

The Heat is On

We are leaving today to go to Kings Island. It is about 95 degrees and 100 percent humidity out.

It should be a hot time.

Home at Last

I stopped at Starbucks on the way to work today and bought a Venti caramel macchiato. I would have got a Big Gulp sized one if they had it. I need some caffeine today. The sugar buzz I have right now is not so bad either.

I slept for about 3 hours last night. Larry is finally home. We had to make up for not talking all last week in one night. Plus we had to see all 3,000 pictures he took. And the videos.

The girls were so excited to see him. They must have asked me a thousand times when we were going to pick Daddy up at the airport. They sang and made up little songs all the way there. We’re going to pick up Daddy La! La! La! They were best friends and the world was perfect. As soon as they saw him they jumped out of the van (It wasn’t moving) and hugged him and kissed him. Then they attacked his luggage looking for presents.

He didn’t dissapoint. He brought all his girls presents. He got each girl a little bag made of blanket material and a sucker with a scorpian in it. Mmmm. He also brought us a box a pineapple-chili flavored bubblegum. It is like Bubble Yum with a kick. And it clears your sinuses.

He brought me the best gift. A pair of hand-made leather sandals.

He was worried the girls and I wouldn’t like his gifts. But as Claire said, “We don’t care what you brought us Daddy. We’re just glad that you’re home.”

I couldn’t agree more.