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Goals Schmoals

I made a goal for myself to lose 50 pounds this year. Do you think that I could re-lose the 20 that I had lost but gained most of it back and call it 40?

That would make me feel better.

One Large Cheese Please

I love trying new recipes. So yesterday I was daring and decided to try chicken curry with sweet potatoes and coconut rice. It was a crock pot recipe. Super easy. The pictures at Work it Mom! looked delicious.

One out of five liked it.

One out of five spit it out on their plate.

One out of five was sick with a stuffy nose and couldn’t smell the curry. Good thing.

One out of five does not like coconut.

One out of five was very disappointed.

Four out of five are thankful for Little Caesars.

Diet News and Everything Else

Week one of the “Lean Cuisine/George Foreman Grill Diet” went very well. I found it easy to stay with it. It makes lunch time easy. I think just planning my meals out and knowing ahead of time what I am going to eat is the real ticket to staying on the diet.

Wait. We don’t call it a diet at our house anymore. It is a Corporately Sponsored Lifestyle change.

I have also been a better mom this week. Maybe not better, but at least more organized(dinners planned) and active with the girls.

We have gone swimming three times, went on a walk once and did Tae Bo for kids together on another day. We have watched very little television. The seat mark on my couch is starting to lessen.

Speaking of television… We finally had to lock out the Disney Channel from the girls. They were not picking up bad words or behaviors. It was the bad acting that was killing me. One of my children tends to be a drama queen as it is. She does not need Miley Cyrus giving her pointers. I almost called her Hannah Montana a couple of times over Christmas Vacation. Oh, the drama!

Speaking of drama… Just before the Christmas break Emma and Claire were in a talent show at their school. I now know why people think they can sing on those first few American Idol shows. Because when they are little their parents encourage them to sing in these talent shows and tell them how great they are. Most the the kids sang along (in a monotone voice) with a song that was playing. Most of the girls sang a Hannah Montana song. Except for the one little girl that sang “One Night Only.” Now that’s appropriate for a fourth grader to sing.

I went to the talent show practice for four weeks straight. I thought my head was going to explode! Closer to the performance I would beg Larry to go to the practice so I wouldn’t have to take Excederin for the splitting headache I would get.

Emma and Claire ending up playing “Heart and Soul” on the piano. Claire played her guitar while 5 girls sang “Feliz Navidad.” They both did a great job.

Speaking of guitars (I could do this all day)… Claire got a new one for Christmas. It is a lovely teal blue. Yes, we are bringing the Eighties back. I don’t know who was more excited, her or me. I was just happy to have a nice sounding guitar to hear instead of the cheap little toy one that she learned how to play on. She was happy that is was acoustic and electric. Rock On! The other girls received American Girls dolls (Emily and Nicki) from their Grandmas. Much screaming and drama ensued.




Speaking of the Eighties… We got a new game for Christmas, Trivial Pursuit Eighties Edition. We had some friends over for New Years and played a rousing game. I realized that I had no idea what was going on in the world while I was in high school. The only thing I remembered about world events from the 80’s was that Reagan was shot. But I did know that Tiffany was a rival to Debbie Gibson.


We had a fun night eating and laughing.

Speaking of eating…so, about that diet. I lost 6 pounds this week.

This Diet is Brought to You By…

It’s the New Year and this year I am not making any New Year’s Resolutions. I am, however, still going on a diet. It just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t start 2008 eating more vegetables and exercising.

This year’s diet is sponsored by Lean Cuisine and The Lean Mean Fat Reducing Machine by George Foreman. Every day for lunch I will eat a Lean Cuisine and for dinner I will be using the George Foreman grill.

That way if I do lose a ton of weight the I can send my results to Stouffers and George Foreman and get paid to do commercials for them.

I will be the next Jared the Subway Guy.  Except I’m a girl and I will eating frozen entrees.

Today’s Lunch : Chicken Alfredo


Yesterday at work while I was blog surfing, I came across this site. Warning: Do not click here if you are hungry. You will lick your computer screen and if your screen looks anything like mine your tongue will grow hair.

I made the Pasta Primavera tonight for dinner. It was delicious. The girls thought it was the best dish ever. Of course, Larry has been cooking lately so it has been a lot of grilled chicken and hamburgers. I’m surprised they even remember what a vegetable looks like. This dish was chock full of vegetables like zucchini, broccoli, carrots, red pepper and yellow squash. Susy asked for hers without “lemon slices.” There were no lemons in the dish. She must not have eaten yellow squash in a long time.

You could eat this dish by itself, but my man likes a little protein with his meal so we ate it with a side of Tilapia. Grilled, of course. All three of the girls love fish so we had to fight for the seconds. Larry and I lost.

You may say to yourself. Wow Julie, your kids are weird. They eat fish and zucchini. And they think it tastes yummy. How do I get my kids to eat like that? Or is it genetic? It all comes down to my laziness. I refuse to make more than one meal. Eat up or wait for the next meal is the deal at our house.

And at the rate I have been cooking lately that might be a long time.

P.S. Susy ate the pasta cold for her bedtime snack and said it was perfect. I know… Weird.

Week One of the Survivor Diet

I now know after one week on this diet that one million dollars is not enough to get me to go on Survivor. I don’t know how they do it. The lack of food must be exhausting and painful.

The good news:

Pounds lost: Julie- 7; Larry – 5.5

Inches lost: Julie – 8 over entire body; Larry – 3 (2 in his waist)

The bad News:

My legs are still in pain.

My hair seems to be falling out more.

After a week I got out my Weight Watcher stuff and figured out how many points I would be eating on their plan. I usually start with 29 points. On the six week makeover I was only eating 15 points a day. I counted up how many grams of fat a day I was eating. It came to 9 grams a day. That is not enough fat in a diet even for a weight loss program.

I started Weight Watchers this morning.

Raisin Bran never tasted so sweet and skim milk has never been so creamy.

Day 6

That’s right. More dieting fun!

I have a hard time not becoming obsessed with a diet when I am on it. This is one on the reasons why I usually give up or stop a diet plan. That and an intense desire for chocolate. This time I may have a different reason.

On Monday my hips began to hurt. I thought this may be caused from sitting so much at work. I try to get up and walk around during the day but sometimes I am stuck at the desk for long periods of time. On Tuesday the pain started to go a little bit down my legs. We had gone for a walk that day so I thought maybe I was a little sore. By Wednesday the pain was shooting down both of my legs to my knees. It doesn’t hurt when I walk or move. In fact, that alleviates the pain. By that night I was in tears the pain was so bad. I have a high pain tolerance and my legs were killing me.

So I did a little research. Have I ever told you that I love the internet?

According to many sites, a lack of calcium will cause muscle spasms in your legs. Low amounts of potassium can also cause spasms. I have been eating potatoes so I think I am good with the potassium, but I have not had much calcium. I think that is why the diet recommends greens. By greens they mean collard, mustard and other green stuff that only tastes good if you cook it with bacon fat and a lot of salt. Hmm. I don’t think those are allowed. Greens are high in calcium.

So I drank a glass of milk and some pain medication and I feel better. I guess you have to adjust the diet to your needs. And I need milk.

I think I might need chocolate too.