I’m Feeling Momish

Some days I feel more like a “Mom” than others. I get to do really Momish things. Stuff like make birthday cupcakes and help kids with homework. On days where I just have to clean the house or go to work and come home and make supper I feel more like a maid. Yes, those things are important to my family but I could hire someone to do those things. I guess I could hire someone to make a cake and tutor my kids too. 

But yesterday was a Mom day. Susy came home from school all upset. Two of her friends wanted to sit by her on the bus and she didn’t know how to choose which one without hurting the other. Of course the one that was not chosen was hurt and upset. She confronted Susy about it. And being her Mother’s child Susy ran in the house to avoid it. So I had to be the Mom and make her go back outside to talk with her friend and make it right. They must have been out there at the end of the driveway for 10 minutes loudly discussing the situation. The longer they talked the louder it got. I may or may not have been ease dropping at the door. After they both broke down in tears Susy came back in still upset.

And ten minutes later the little girl’s mother was at my door. My turn for confrontation. All four of us discussed the situation and resolved the issue. 

I’m such a mom.

One response to “I’m Feeling Momish

  1. You’re a great mom! Pretty good wife too. 🙂

    Love You!

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