Happy 36 Years

Yesterday was Larry’s birthday and something was missing.

I have not been writing here. I had blog burn out. It was nice to take a little break, but I think I am ready to come back and write all my “secrets.” Several times this last month and a half I have thought to myself “I should write about that on the blog.” But I just couldn’t do it.

But I missed writing Larry his birthday tribute. I missed gushing on about what a great husband and father he is and how much I like him. I missed telling you what a great friend he is and how everyday he amazes me more. I would have told you what a hard worker he is and what geeky thing he has done lately. I could have listed 36 things I love about him or told you what we did for his birthday.

But I did none of those things because I was taking a blog break. But today I have something to say…Happy Birthday to my best friend.

2 responses to “Happy 36 Years

  1. Happy belated birthday, Larry!

  2. Happy Birthday Larry!!! And thanks to both of you for the gift of your friendship!

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