Dead Ants and Science fun

While working on two science fair projects last night the girls discovered some ants that gotten in near the sliding glass door. We are clear out of ant spray here in the middle of the winter so I told Larry to grab some cleaner and spray them. In our family killing bugs is the dad’s job.

We were out of the Lysol spray we usually have in the cupboard so I told him to grab that new green spray I bought.

He reads the label. It is an organic spray that is safe to use around kids and pets. He keeps reading. Do not spray into eyes as it may cause irritation. He says this won’t kill the ants.

Emma, our comedian in training, pipes up, “Well, spray them in the eyes then.”

Emma and Claire both had science fair projects due today. We had the projects finished, but just had to make the display boards. Our plan was to do them this week. But then Tuesday the Plague hit our house. Claire came down with a fever Tuesday and Emma got it Thursday. Neither of them felt like making science fair boards. I was dreading it all week. I was wishing my Dad was in town so he could do my kids’ science fair projects for me. He’s laughing in Hawaii right now. So it came down to Saturday. Then I got a fever.

So Sunday night it was! We cranked out two displays in three hours. I won’t tell which three hours of the day it was, but just know that they were done by Midnight.

One response to “Dead Ants and Science fun

  1. Thanks. The kids are growing up so fast. By the way, the dress is from Target, where else. 🙂 Actually, this is Easter dress- Take 2. I bought one for her, but I accidentally bought it from the Girls 4-6 section. She can sometimes where a 4, so I didn’t think anything of it. However, it turns out, she needed a 3T afterall. Then, I couldn’t find the receipt, so I’m stuck with it. Oh well. She’ll have a fancy-shmancy dress mid-summer. 🙂

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