One Large Cheese Please

I love trying new recipes. So yesterday I was daring and decided to try chicken curry with sweet potatoes and coconut rice. It was a crock pot recipe. Super easy. The pictures at Work it Mom! looked delicious.

One out of five liked it.

One out of five spit it out on their plate.

One out of five was sick with a stuffy nose and couldn’t smell the curry. Good thing.

One out of five does not like coconut.

One out of five was very disappointed.

Four out of five are thankful for Little Caesars.

2 responses to “One Large Cheese Please

  1. mattericaowen

    it sounds and look delish! bummer that only 1 our of 5 liked it. i’d like to try it. have any leftovers (of course you do!) you could bring to WIT on friday?! 🙂
    have matt tell you about my southern shepherd’s pie sometime (if he can talk about it w/o vomiting)!!!

  2. Some people just don’t appreciate fine dining!

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