Wake up late and relax.
Eat a late breakfast.
Feed the Kids Lunch. Leftover Pizza.
Realize I have no jeans clean for the ice skating activity at 2:30.
Start laundry at 1:00.
Kids have volunteered me to make cookies for their Valentine’s party. All three of them.
Make 100 cookies.
Get to the activity late because of having to wait for jeans to dry.
Skate for 1/2 hour.
Invite friends over for Chinese food. Have fun.
Get kids ready for bed. Goal accomplished at 10:30.
Watch Survivor on OnDemand.
Crawl into bed at 12:30.
Wake up to the sound of child puking Chinese food at 1:20 a.m.
Almost puke Chinese food myself while cleaning up the living room, hallway, walls, and bathroom.
Crawl into bed with sick child. Fall asleep.
Wake up much later in child’s bed with kink in my neck.
Thankful it is Sunday.

4 responses to “Saturday

  1. we had similar nights!!!! only my puker got up at 5:30, and then i crawled in bed with the other one after the first one fell asleep. kink was in my back, instead!

  2. We had a puking chinese food incident Friday night/Saturday. How weird is that!?!?

  3. No puking here – so far! Trying to remember if my children were with your puker!!!! 🙂

    My kink in my back is entirely my fault- and my skates and the bumpy ice and the YMCA song.:)

  4. Turns out sick child was just a little pig. She ate almost a quart of sweet and sour chicken. She was fine the next day.


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