Diet News and Everything Else

Week one of the “Lean Cuisine/George Foreman Grill Diet” went very well. I found it easy to stay with it. It makes lunch time easy. I think just planning my meals out and knowing ahead of time what I am going to eat is the real ticket to staying on the diet.

Wait. We don’t call it a diet at our house anymore. It is a Corporately Sponsored Lifestyle change.

I have also been a better mom this week. Maybe not better, but at least more organized(dinners planned) and active with the girls.

We have gone swimming three times, went on a walk once and did Tae Bo for kids together on another day. We have watched very little television. The seat mark on my couch is starting to lessen.

Speaking of television… We finally had to lock out the Disney Channel from the girls. They were not picking up bad words or behaviors. It was the bad acting that was killing me. One of my children tends to be a drama queen as it is. She does not need Miley Cyrus giving her pointers. I almost called her Hannah Montana a couple of times over Christmas Vacation. Oh, the drama!

Speaking of drama… Just before the Christmas break Emma and Claire were in a talent show at their school. I now know why people think they can sing on those first few American Idol shows. Because when they are little their parents encourage them to sing in these talent shows and tell them how great they are. Most the the kids sang along (in a monotone voice) with a song that was playing. Most of the girls sang a Hannah Montana song. Except for the one little girl that sang “One Night Only.” Now that’s appropriate for a fourth grader to sing.

I went to the talent show practice for four weeks straight. I thought my head was going to explode! Closer to the performance I would beg Larry to go to the practice so I wouldn’t have to take Excederin for the splitting headache I would get.

Emma and Claire ending up playing “Heart and Soul” on the piano. Claire played her guitar while 5 girls sang “Feliz Navidad.” They both did a great job.

Speaking of guitars (I could do this all day)… Claire got a new one for Christmas. It is a lovely teal blue. Yes, we are bringing the Eighties back. I don’t know who was more excited, her or me. I was just happy to have a nice sounding guitar to hear instead of the cheap little toy one that she learned how to play on. She was happy that is was acoustic and electric. Rock On! The other girls received American Girls dolls (Emily and Nicki) from their Grandmas. Much screaming and drama ensued.




Speaking of the Eighties… We got a new game for Christmas, Trivial Pursuit Eighties Edition. We had some friends over for New Years and played a rousing game. I realized that I had no idea what was going on in the world while I was in high school. The only thing I remembered about world events from the 80’s was that Reagan was shot. But I did know that Tiffany was a rival to Debbie Gibson.


We had a fun night eating and laughing.

Speaking of eating…so, about that diet. I lost 6 pounds this week.

2 responses to “Diet News and Everything Else

  1. Yea for you Julie! Keep us posted on your ‘Corporately Sponsored Lifestyle Change’.

  2. Hmmmm – not to be pushy, or impatient, or whiny, or bossy, or – – – oh forget it – – – Post something NEW! 🙂

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