Love Found

I stand in the aisle at Target staring at the shelf. If I am by myself I can stand there for ten minutes looking for the miracle product. The one product that will make me like my hair. Why is it that we as women never seem to like our hair?

I have weird hair. It has a duel personality disorder. Some parts of it like to be curly and some like to be straight. Try finding a product for curly and straight hair. Impossible! I used to fight with my hair. I wanted it to be sleek and shiny and straight. That was way too much work.

While staring at the hair product aisle a while back I did find the perfect product. Matrix Curl Life spray gel. It was on clearance for $8. Now I don’t usually spend that much on a hair product but it was on clearance! And it is a miracle product. It makes my hair curly and shiny and I like it. I like my hair.

Now the problem is I love Curl Life. I have found my true hair care love.

And at it’s normal price of $13 a bottle this is going to be an expensive relationship.

5 responses to “Love Found

  1. I sooooo hope you left at least one bottle at the clearance price – – – It sounds like our hair is sort of life twins separated at birth. Mine either hangs there or gets so whacked out with curls that is could qualify for its own zip code! Thanks for the tip – – – I’m going TONIGHT!

  2. I don’t even know how Target sells the Matrix products…they are not supposed to. But I imagine they are discounted slightly than what you would pay at a salon. Do you know anyone in the are with a cosmetology license? They could get them for you at cost (which is 50% less that what a salon sells it for). I could always get you stuff and send it home with my mom when she comes to visit! She’ll be here at the end of this month actually. Might I also suggest the Sunsilk products (also sold at Target). I love the hair cream (in a green bottle) for curly hair. Does wonders on keeping the little curls tamed! Let me know if you would like some prices from the beauty supply. Now is the time they start putting out their Christmas deals!

  3. My hair is straight but has little frizzies – probably all the grey I have colored brown. I want to try a straightener but don’t want to spend the money, fry my hair, and have to invest extra time every morning. Sometimes I want to just shave it all off!

  4. Okay. I ran out of the gel. I have tried the Sunsilk product but it tends to weigh my hair down. Target no longer carries the spray gel so I may have to take you up on that offer Anita. Maybe Brenda and I can put in a bulk order.

  5. Just let me know. I’m not sure how big of a bottle they sell it in. Sometimes they will sell the 32 oz. or even a gallon!!!! 🙂 Mom is flying this time, but the Archibald’s will be here too. If I have time today, I’ll slip out to check out sizes/prices for you. P.S. Use only a small amount of the Sunsilk – dime size or less. Then I put mousse in after that (for curly hair). I watch a lot of What Not To Wear, and that’s always what Nick Arojo does! haha

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