For Scott*

Hockey Time! Larry loves hockey. So yesterday morning when the email came around the office where I work that there were free tickets for the Red Wings game I jumped on them. It was not a regular season game, but it was still a lot of fun.

Larry had to take a call at the Joe. That’s my sissy phone he is talking on, not an iphone.


Here is Larry giving away our life savings for a pretzel.

Mmmm. That is GOOD. All this for $10.50.

The Zamboni has to be the best part of the game for me.


This next picture is for Nicole who likes to take pictures of random people. This guy sat down in front of me and this what I saw for the second period. The stadium was half empty and he had to pick this seat.


We moved.


Our row was empty.


We waited until the crowd left. Larry doesn’t like crowds. We took pictures while we waited.


The people mover. We didn’t ride it.


We had a fun night thanks to my Mom and Dad who babysat the kids and the free tickets.

Oh Yeah, Wings won in a shoot out.

*Our friend Scott is a huge Wings fan. He has moved to Ohio and he misses his Red Wings.

7 responses to “For Scott*

  1. i love the random peeps! haha! did my eyes deceive me or did the guy on the right have a mullet?? looks like a blast.

  2. Yes, he did have a mullet! He also had on jean shorts. A nice touch.

  3. OK, I’m a bit confused. The first picture to come up was not of Larry giving away his lifesavings for a pretzel but the picture of Claire’s lunchbox with the remains of a petrified lunch from last year. Are your life savings so meager, really? And will they take that in payment for a pretzel at the Joe? I’m guessing that your first picture was also titled image 0001 and so wordpress couldn’t handle 2 images with the same name. Oh well, it got me to leave a comment!

  4. Oops, my mistake … the lunch box picture is supposed to be Larry talking on your sissy phone. That brings up some interesting mental images too …. which part do you talk into …. the sandwich square or the stack of crackers? hee hee

  5. Thanks Alice! You were right. They were named the same. It looked fine on my computer so I couldn’t tell there was a problem.

  6. I am just about to watch the Red Wings first game down here in Ohio on my DIRECTV!! Sounds like you guys had a great time… by the way, I hate crowds too… what’s up with that?

  7. Those random pics are nice to have. One day you will forget about that man and you will come across that pic and laugh. The guy who sits right in front happened to us at the tiger game. I don’t know why people do that. Socially unaware.

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