This is Fun for Geeks

I found these T-shirts and thought I might get a couple for Larry for Father’s Day.

He could have used this one the other day.


He could wear this one to the Apple store and Best Buy.


And one for me.


We thought of some for the kids to wear.

“My Dad is a bigger Geek than yours”

” My Dad writes better code than your dad”

“My Dad can beat the HTML out of your Dad.”

Larry wants one that say “I’m a Mac”

I think He’s the Mac Daddy.

3 responses to “This is Fun for Geeks

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  2. Where did you find those shirts?? I would love to get one for Jason

  3. Ha! I saw them in a catalog when I was sorting the mail at JD. The catalog was for Jason!

    You can also find them online at

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