Bringing Back Big Hair – One Head at A Time

Susy and I had a fun day shopping together Saturday afternoon while Emma was at a birthday party. For a six year old she already has the great makings of a shop-a-holic. Just the kind of character we were trying to instill in our children.

Of course while we were out we had to stop for a little lunch. This was how my mother trained me in the ways of the shop-a-holic. She and I would go to Hudson’s for a Mandarin Chicken salad. And then a frozen yogart cone on the way out. I used to think that she got the frozen yogart as a treat for me. Now as a mother I know better. It was her reward for making it through the mall with a whiny kid.

So while Susy and I were enjoying our chips and queso at Moe’s (I’m pretty sure they put addictive drugs in that stuff), we discussed birthday parties and shoes and what store we should go to next. It reminded me of many such conversations I had with my own mother while we were out shopping. And it made me look forward to when Susy is older and we can discuss something more deep than what color frosting she wants on her cake.

We made a quick pitstop at the bathroom because this is Susy we are talking about. She has a bladder the size of a walnut.(Another trait she received from my mother.)

While in the restroom I mentioned that I was having a bad hair day. It was flat and frizzy all at the same time.

Susy had to agree. She said, “Yeah. I like your hair better when it is big.”

I knew I was raising her right.

One response to “Bringing Back Big Hair – One Head at A Time

  1. Thanks for making me laugh, Julie! I love checking out your blog from time to time.

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