Save the Snowman

Larry sent me this link to a great holiday time waster.

Thanks Honey.

Save the Snowman

4 responses to “Save the Snowman

  1. yes call us simpleminded but Kayleen and I had a blast doing the snow/hangman thing today. Ya gotta have some down time ya know. 🙂

    your still bitter about the wordpress thing friend,

  2. Trust me. I played many a game.

    Are you sure it is me who is bitter? ;0

    Maybe if people would stop calling me old.

  3. too fun. i am getting addicted…better stop now.

  4. No, ha ha, I was signing my name as :

    Your (still bitter about wordpress friend),

    Maybe it was funny in my head only :0)

    Hey, I am happy at least I can post on this one for some reason but none of the other ones will allow it with this anonymous workaround I use. So I am not so bitter now

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